Superfog Webinar Series - June 2017


Wildland Fire Smoke and Roadway Visibility: Predict, Prepare and Avert Accidents

The NWCG Smoke Committee, Southern Fire Exchange, The Nature Conservancy and Montgomery Community College NC Prescribed Fire Training Center are collaborating to share information on understanding wildland fire’s risk of smoke reducing roadway visibility through this series of three webinars. Reduced visibility from smoke has contributed to fatal incidents or accidents with serious bodily injury. These webinars cover present and future work on understanding this important topic, including information and tools developed to address wildland fire smoke, smoke transport and the likelihood of superfog formation. 
The webinars will be archived for future viewing. 
Click on the date (below) to join a webinar, or see the  "background and webinar details" link at the top of the page for a pdf with more detail on agendas and background, photos, and links to add the webinars to your calendar.
The series includes:
     Part 1 (June 15): Superfog – What, How, Where, When!
     Part 2 (June 22): Weather Information and Tools Available to Stay Ahead of Superfog Events!
     Part 3 (June 29): PB-Piedmont, Superfog Potential and Estimated Smoldering Potential Operational Status

All webinars are at 10:00 Pacific / 11:00 Mountain / noon Central / 1:00 Eastern