Latest On The Conservation Gateway

A well-managed and operational Conservation Gateway is in our future! Marketing, Conservation, and Science have partnered on a plan to rebuild the Gateway into the organization’s enterprise content management system (AEM), with a planned launch of a minimal viable product in late 2024. If you’re interested in learning more about the project, reach out to for more info!

The conservation and science staff of the Caribbean Program set spatial priorities, assist with monitoring and evaluation, direct strategic priorities, and restore and protect a variety of habitats.  This work is carried out in part through cutting edge projects, thus we strive to provide the best available information for project planning and implementation supported always when possible by science.    

A large portion of conservation science and practice is performed by the staff, which in general is composed of a director of conservation, a science manager, a senior scientist, marine and environmental management leads, a climate change lead, a GIS analyst, spatial data managers, technicians, one land steward and conservation planners and coordinators.  We are fortunate enough to also be able to take advantage of the Board of the Caribbean Program’s Conservation Committee along with a host of close partnerships and consultants brought on through projects. 

Keep in mind that although the conservation science and practice of the Caribbean Program is as varied and complex as the archipelagos we work in, its depiction here is not exhaustive.  The provided information is an attempt to make available some of the most pertinent and/or requested work for ease of access.  You are always welcomed to speak with us, volunteer for us or apply to the occasional employment positions we have to understand more.  

Updated March 19, 2014