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Conservation Progress Assessment


Colorado Mountains

​What progress has been made toward long-term conservation objectives set by The Nature Conservancy’s Colorado Chapter? How should TNC Colorado evolve and adapt its approach to setting conservation objectives and creating strategies to achieve those objectives? Addressing these questions requires an assessment of progress that is both retrospective and prospective—retrospectively assessing our past progress toward meeting conservation objectives and prospectively making recommendations about how TNC Colorado’s planning, implementing and adapting strategies over time might change in the future.

The Colorado Chapter’s Science Team is committed to regularly stepping back to look at the big picture of conservation in Colorado to inform and refine conservation strategies to reflect current needs and incorporate the best science over time. To fulfill this commitment, the Science Team created a multi-year, multi-phase project referred to as the Conservation Progress Assessment.

This document reports on the first phase of the assessment which focused on land protection and management objectives set by the Colorado Chapter for areas throughout the state.  In addition to reporting progress on specific land objectives, this report also describes steps needed to secure and continue protecton and management progress and ways in which conservation planning and implementation can be improved. 

Future phases of the Conservation Progress Assessment will evaluate progress towards objectives associated with the forest and water strategies.  Reports from those phases will appear on the Conservation Gateway in coming years.