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A Conservation Assessment and Resource Synthesis for
The Coastal Forests and Mountains Ecoregion
in the Tongass National Forest and Southeast Alaska
We are proud to present a conservation assessment for the Coastal Forests and Mountains Ecoregion in Southeast Alaska. This product represents over five years of effort in data compilation, analysis and review, with the ultimate goal of providing an improved understanding of the distribution, condition and conservation status of ecological values in the region.
The main contents of the Conservation Assessment includes: an overview of the conservation approach (Chapter 1); a systematic assessment of biodiversity values, habitat conditions and conservation status (Chapter 2); a comparison of habitat condition and ecological risk among biogeograpic provinces (Chapter 3); a review of ecological systems and conservation issues among biogeographic provinces (Chapter 4).  In addition, in the Resource Synthesis section we have provided a detailed review of current science on ecological systems (Chapter 5); mammals (Chapter 6); birds (Chapter 7); fish (Chapter 8); human ecology and industry (Chapter 9).  Finally, we have provided a Map Gallery of GIS products developed as part of this assessment; a ranking of ecological values among watersheds throughout the region in a Watershed Matrix, and a GIS Database that provides a common inventory of ecosystem and habitat values that encompass lands throughout Southeastern Alaska.
In southeastern Alaska today, we believe there is an unprecedented opportunity for conserving the ecological integrity—the fish, wildlife and plants, and the lands and waters that sustain them— and unique natural qualities of this coastal rainforest while also maintaining economic prosperity and people’s quality of life.  We believe these resource syntheses, conservation assessment, and GIS tools will enhance and support wise decision-making. To this end, we encourage you to delve into the details and, we hope, come away with a new appreciation and perspectives about southeastern Alaska’s rainforest.
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Photo:  Dave Albert/Hoonah Sound

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