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​Spatial Data Downloads

These tables show the spatial datasets resulting from the different marineassessments and research projects. Click on the “Download data” link to access the GIS layers. We have also included a PDF with metadata information for each database.

Northwest Atlanic Marine Ecoregional Assessment

The first phase of the NAMERA compiled data on marine ecosystems, habitats and species in the Northwest Atlantic. Over 1,200 data files, from over 100 sources, were compiled for this assessment. Datasets can be downloaded by chapter. 

​Description​Last Update​ ​Download Data​Metadata
​Update-Soft Sediments (Chapter 3)​2015ArcGIS GeoDatabase​GeoTiffPDF file
​Comin Soon-Hard Bottom  Sediments (Chapter 3)​2016​ArcGIS GeoDatabase
GeoTiffPDF file
​Update-Seasonal Chlorophyll-A Concentration (Chapter 4)​2016​ArcGIS GeoDatabaseGeoTiffPDF file
​Coastal Ecosystems (Chapter 2)​2010​ArcGIS GeoDatabasePDF file
​Benthic Habitats (Chapter 3)​2010​ArcGIS GeoDatabase​PDF file
​Physical Oceanography (Chapter 4)​2010​ArcGIS GeoDatabase​PDF file
​Marine Fishes (Chapters 5 to 8)​2010ArcGIS GeoDatabasePDF file
​Large Pelagic Fishes (Chapter 9)​2010ArcGIS GeoDatabase​PDF file
​Cetaceans and Turtles (Chapters 10 and 11)​2010​ArcGIS GeoDatabasePDF file

South Atlanic Bight Marine Assessment

The SABMA compiled data on marine ecosystems, habitats and species in the Southeastern waters of the United States. Datasets can be downloaded by chapter. 

Description​Last Update​Download Data​Metadata
​Coastal Habitats​2015ArcGIS GeoDatabase​PDF file
​Benthic Habitats​2015ArcGIS GeoDatabasePDF file
Coming Soon-​Portfolio​2016ArcGIS GeoDatabasePDF file

Long Island Sound Ecological Assessment

The Long Island Sound Ecoregional Assessment gathered data from submerged habitats along the Long-Island Sound. 

​DescriptionLast UpdateDownload Data​Metadata
​Full GIS Dataset​2015​ArcGIS GeoDatabaseEmbedded in layers

Delaware River Basin Initiative

Delware River Basin Assessment results.

Description​Last Update​Download Data​Metadata
​Full GIS Dataset​2011​ArcGIS ShapeFiles​Embedded in layers

Offshore Video Survey and Oceanographic Analysis: Georges Bank to the Chesapeake (SMAST)

For this project, ten years (2003–2012) of data from the SMAST scallop survey and NECOFS were used to create new products describing the benthic habitat, benthic animal abundance and distribution and the environmental conditions in the survey area. Layers are organized by task, from 1 to 5 (see report for more details).

​Description​Last Update​Download Data​Metadata
​All Results From SMAST Project​2015ArcGIS Geodatabase​PDF File
​Task 1-Oceanographic Variables By SASI Grid​2015ArcGIS GeoDatabasePDF File
​Table 2-Sediment Information​2015ArcGIS GeoDatabasePDF File
​Table 3-Sediment Stability​2015​ArcGIS GeoDatabase​PDF File
​Table 4- Animal Abundances By SASI Grid​2015ArcGIS GeoDatabasePDF File
​Table 5- Oceanographic Variability By SASI Grid​2015​ArcGIS GeoDatabase​PDF File