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A well-managed and operational Conservation Gateway is in our future! Marketing, Conservation, and Science have partnered on a plan to rebuild the Gateway into the organization’s enterprise content management system (AEM), with a planned launch of a minimal viable product in late 2024. If you’re interested in learning more about the project, reach out to for more info!
Why it Matters: This project focuses on four specific geographies in Michigan’s Northcentral Tillplain region: the River Raisin headwaters, the Grand River headwaters, the Paw Paw River headwaters, and the Newaygo Plains. Each of these areas supports some of Michigan’s finest and rarest examples of fens, prairies, oak savannas and associated habitats. These habitats house a variety of rare and endangered  plant, animal, and insect species such as the Mitchell's Satyr butterfly, Massasauga rattlesnake, and Karner blue butterfly. These fens act as natural water filters; offer hunting by permit and other recreational opportunities.


  • Protect ​critical ecological areas near the River Raisin, Grand River, Paw Paw River and Newaygo Plains.
  • Restore landscape with the collaboration of partners across fen ownerships by exporting techniques in invasive species and fire management to improve fens.
  • Monitor improvements to habitats and species using a variety of techniques.

Supplemental Documents:
Oak Barren Fact Sheet
Praire Fen Fact Sheet


Contact: Rodolfo Zuniga Villegas │517.629.4642