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Energy, Infrastructure, and Land Use

I-95 solar

​Photo: I-95 solar (C. Carroon)

The urgency to decarbonize the energy sector, electrify transportation, spur economy-wide decarbonization and meet the needs of a burgeoning and increasingly urban population puts many of Nevada's natural resources in an intense, global spotlight. The state sits at the crossroads of energy markets in the western United States, and holds globally-significant stores of minerals needed for low-carbon tech, including lithium, copper and other resources. The fate of much of Nevada's nature will hinge on land use decisions that have local impacts in the near term, but which also lock society onto a regional development trajectory long into the future.

The Nevada Energy, Infrastructure and Land Use Strategy aims to demonstrate multiple societal benefits of incorporating "smart-from-the-start" principles in planning, poliicy and practice.