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  Round 2 has closed for submission of Potential Projects



In January 2015 the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation generously granted The Nature Conservancy $6.5 million to protect climate resilient lands in the Pacific Northwest using our Conserving Nature's Stage (CNS) science (Buttrick et al. 2015).  The Nature Conservancy then gathered Science and Land Protection Committees to make recommendations on how to integrate the new terrestrial resilience data with existing conservation data to inform land protection investment decisions in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.  In 2016, the Land Protection Committee accepted requests for proposals for Round 1 of the CNS Land Protection Grant Program, and selected projects for funding provided by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

The Land Protection Committee has now opened Round 2 of the land protection grant program for potential projects, and will evaluate those lands for resiliency to climate change, along with additional conservation data. After Round 1 awards, we have a minimum of $1.5 million to invest in Round 2.

Potential projects for Round 2 were due February 14, 2017. To submit potential projects and associated partner funds, please open and follow the Instructions and Eligibility Criteria document in the "Submit Potential Projects" section of this page. Eligibility Criteria are also available below.  Please refer to the FAQ for additional information.

Eligibility Criteria for Land Protection grants:

  • Project Location: All transactions (grant requests and partner funding/projects) must intersect at least partially with the resilient lands in the Resilient Lands map in Data Basin. Data Basin map link:
  • Time Frame: All transactions must have closed, or will close, within the period January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2017. This applies to both acquisitions for which grant funds are needed and to transactions involving partner funds.
  • LTA Compliance:  Any land trust receiving grant funds must be accredited by the Land Trust Accreditation (LTA) Commission at the time the funds are released to the land trust. If the land trust is not yet accredited at such time, the land trust must have a plan and reasonable timetable for attaining accreditation that has been adopted by its Board of Directors.
  • Funding Amount: The maximum amount potentially available for any one project is $700,000.
  • Partner Funds: The overall grant from DDCF to TNC requires a 5:1 ratio of partner funds to grant funds. Organizations with projects with less than a 5:1 ratio may be eligible to receive grant funds. Partner funds can be associated with the project you are applying for, or any other acquisition that intersects with the resilient lands map. Partner funds can be any private and/or public funds other than DDCF funds.
  • Funding Exclusions: Staff Costs for transactions, stewardship endowments, and stewardship operations. These exclusions apply to both potential project and partner funds.
  • Round 1 Exclusions: Do not include projects that have been accepted for Round 1 funding, are being used for Round 1 partner funds or have already been determined ineligible in Round 1.
  • "Potential Future Round" Projects from Round 1: If you received an email from us telling you that your project was not accepted for Round 1, but was a possible candidate for Round 2, please double-check that the project still meets the Eligibility Criteria. If so, please resubmit all required materials along with any other strong candidates for funding. In other words, you will need to list those projects again in this Round 2 Potential Projects spreadsheet in order to be considered for Round 2 Funding.

All information provided will be held in confidence by The Nature Conservancy and Land Protection Committee members.

The Land Protection Committee will select projects for Full Land Protection Grant Applications by April 2017.

If you have questions on the Potential Projects submission process, please contact Martha Thompson with a cc: to your state project lead (ID: Lou Lunte, OR: Cathy Macdonald, WA: Peter Scholes).  Contact Ken Popper with any questions about the Conserving Nature's Stage resilient lands and regional connectivity methodology, maps, data or technical assistance.


We are grateful to Open Space Institute for the use of the land grant materials developed for their Doris Duke Charitable Foundation resilient lands grant process.

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