If you're looking for ideas and resources to set up a workshop or brush up on fundamental coaching skills, you reached the right place.

Getting started:

  • Wondering if the project team that asked you to help as a coach is really ready for an Open Standards process? Check out this team readiness diagram
  • It's never too early to agree on mutual expectations. A good practice is to establish a process charter with your project team - make it as general or detail as you need.
    • Here you can find a presentation that tells you what topics are worth considering in a charter.
    • Here you can find an annotated process charter for protected area plans.

Organizing a workshop:

  • Never organized a workshop and wondering what to do about logistics? Don't despair,  your fellow CCNet colleagues have shared a list of logistics do's and don'ts.
  • Are you organizing a field trip? Take a look at these tips.
  • Got workshop sponsors? Here you can find support materials.
  • Wondering how to continue improving and learning from your workshop? This evaluation example might get you on track, feel free to adapt it as needed.


  • Looking for tricks to keep your group engaged and participating? Check out these 10 facilitation tips, and this facilitation checklist.
  • How can you foster a respectful and collaborative work environment? Consider sharing these groundrules, or create your own version to post in the room.

Interested in becoming a better conservation coach?