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Impacts from climate change and natural disasters are escalating, creating significant social and economic challenges and intensifying concerns amongst politicians, communities and businesses around the globe about adaptation and risk reduction.  Natural solutions can help us prevent and manage many of these impacts. The Nature Conservancy is undertaking a concerted, organization-wide effort to demonstrate how.

To help these strategies succeed across the globe, The Nature Conservancy hosted a two-and-a-half day “learning exchange” to bring together practitioners and experts from the US and abroad. Below are links to the presentations, organized by their order on the agenda.

Tuesday, May 28

STATE OF PLAY: Climate, Risk & Resilience


TOOLS TO SUCCESS: Climate, Risk & Resilience On-The-Ground

Wednesday, May 29

Science & Tools: Assessing Risk & Social Vulnerability: What Is The Science and Where are the Tools?


International Policy: Bridging Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction Policies: Emerging Opportunities, Challenges and Further Needs


Science & Tools: Effectiveness and Multiple Benefits of Natural Defenses/Infrastructure: How Does It Stack Up Against and Integrate with Built Infrastructure


US Policy: Federal Programs, Project Implementation & Natural Infrastructure


Science & Tools: Science-Based Stakeholder Engagement—Connecting Science and Decision Makers and Linking Science to Action


US Policy: Key Partners With Shared Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Goals             

Thursday, May 30

Marine Exchange


Evaluating Success Of Nature Based Solutions: Keeping People In The Mix


Consider Your Audience: Communicating Effectively About Coastal Resilience

1.    Zach Ferdaña, The Nature Conservancy, Senior Marine Conservation Planner; Cara Byington, The Nature Conservancy, Associate Director, Marketing & Communications; Tom McCann, The Nature Conservancy, Director of Communications, Global Marine Team

Freshwater Exchange

Pushing the River – How to Inform, Engage, Incentivize and Lead for Better Freshwater Risk Reduction

Puget Sound/Skagit River Basin Case Study

Presentation of Magdalena River Case Study Lima


New directions in TNC's Global Freshwater Risk Reduction Program