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Envisioning a Green & Prosperous Future with the Berau Forest Carbon Program, Indonesia


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The people of Berau, Indonesia, especially those living in remote forested areas, are facing choices about the source of their livelihoods and the fate of their forests. For many people, the forest is central to their identity and livelihoods; however, the prevailing model of development has been based on converting natural forests to other land uses. The Berau Forest Carbon Program (“the Berau Program”) presents the people of Berau with sustainable development opportunities that achieve economic growth and forest conservation goals.

As a main partner in the Berau Program, The Nature Conservancy developed and is implementing an integrated community engagement framework that is founded on communities’ aspirations for their future and vision for their land. Through this approach, the Berau Program has:
  • Empowered individuals and local institutions to participate in decisions affecting local land use, natural resources, and village development;
  • Secured communities’ access and rights to areas that support their livelihoods and well-being;
  • Created opportunities for improved and more diverse livelihood activities.

This case study focuses on how the Conservancy is engaging communities in the program and contributing to the well-being of people living in or near Berau’s forests. The report examines major program approaches, challenges and promising results to date, as well as lessons relevant to the broader REDD+ community.