FLN Networker No. 310


Issue #310 (20 January 2021) of the FLN Networker and its attachment. This issue includes news from landscapes, people and projects in Idaho, Oregon, the western U.S. and TREX. There are also links to a training needs survey for the Southern Region of the U.S.; small grant opportunities for Community Wildfire Preparedness Day; a FAC Net blog post on nature journaling as a tool; an announcement of LANDFIRE "office hours"; a public outreach infographic on fire effects, then and now, for six vegetation types; a new online course on the American chestnut; an article on polycentric systems for wildfire governance; an article on the role of burning duff on longleaf mortaility; an article on a method for selecting and validating burn indices; a report on a research-NGO partnership developing mitigiation outreach; an essay on cultural burning; and three fire-related podcasts.  As always, listings are included for webinars and conference, workshop and training opportunities. 
Attached is a flyer of training opportunities being offered by the Karuk Tribe. 

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