This listing was originally compiled for a special session on “Choosing Collaboration” at the 2012 Southwest Fire Ecology Conference; the session was hosted by Lynn Decker (ldecker & Anne Bradley (abradley of the Fire Learning Network

Collaboration Presentation Slides, Handouts & Diagrams from the Conference
“Creating Nimble & Effective Collaborations” (Lynn Decker and Anne Bradley) (ppt slides)
“Ecosystem Restoration Partnerships” (Sam Lindblom) (ppt slides)
“Getting to Possible” (Gina Knudson) (ppt slides)
“Prescribed Fire Training Events: Increasing Local Capacity and Building a Workforce” (Jeremy Bailey)
pdf of slides)
“Fire, Landscapes, Wildlife & People” conference – February/March 2012 – collaboration session handout on collaboration & lessons learned
“Cooperation, Coordination and Collaboration” (table comparing the three, from Mattessich et al.)
“Gears of Collaboration” (diagram)
Top Picks
Collaboration: What Makes it Work (Paul Mattessich, Marta Murray-Close and Barbara Monsey) available through Amazon or Barnes & Noble
Sample: see their “Cooperation, Coordination, Collaboration”
Working Through Environmental Conflict: The Collaborative Learning Approach (Steven E. Daniels and Gregg B. Walker) – available through Amazon or Barnes & Noble
For More Depth
Collaboration Handbook: Creating, Sustaining, and Enjoying the Journey (Michael Winer and Karen Ray)
available through
Barnes & Noble or for Kindle
Nimble Collaboration: Fine-Tuning Your Collaboration for Lasting Success (Karen Ray)
available through
Amazon or Barnes & Noble
The Wisdom of Crowds (James Surowiecki) available through Amazon or Barnes & Noble
Collaboration & NEPA, FACA, etc.
Bureau of Land Management 2007 Collaboration Desk Guide (this guide also includes general information on collaboration, cooperation and partnerships)
A Citizen’s Guide to NEPA – Having Your Voice Heard (Council on Environmental Quality) (this guide is not about collaboration per se, but provides a useful, readable overview of NEPA)
Collaboration in NEPA: A Handbook for NEPA Practitioners (Council on Environmental Quality) (handbook)
FACA FAQs for Managers (GSA Committee Management Secretariat) (FAQs)
The Legal Framework for Cooperative Conservation (Public Policy Research Institute, The University of Montana) (guide)
Understanding the Relationship between Collaboration and NEPA (Pinchot Institute for Conservation) (guide)
Also see the presentation, “Getting to Possible” (Gina Knudson) (ppt slides)
Other Articles & Resources of Interest
“Collaboration Best Practices for the Conservation Community” (American Lands Alliance) (6 pages)
“Collaborative Conservation in Theory and Practice: A Literature Review” (Alex Conley and Ann Moote)
“A Framework for Assessing Collaborative Capacity in Community-Based Public Forest Management” (Antony S. Chang and Victoria E. Sturtevant) (article posted on Colorado Forest Restoration Institute website)
Collaboration Websites   
Ecological Restoration Institute (Northern Arizona University)
Center for Collaborative Conservation (Colorado State University)
Partnerships Websites    
The Nature Conservancy Conservation Partnership Center
USDA Forest Service Partnership Resource Center