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Building on the Fire Learning Network (2013)

Liz Rank
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This is a one-page overview of the various programs of the various programs under the Promoting Ecosystem Resilience through Collaboration (PERC) cooperative agreement, highlighting the foundational role of the Fire Learning Network (FLN). It features a map of FLN landscapes, 2013 prescribed fire training exchanges (TREX), Scaling-up to Promote Ecosystem Resiliency (SPER) implementation projects, and Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network (FAC Net) pilot communities.
Extracted from the semi-annual report for the PERC agreement for the period July-December 2013, submitted January 29, 2014.
Update note, August 2015: While the underlying concepts of this graphic remain true, the scale has become dated. The FAC Net has more than doubled its number of communities, TREX continues to grow, and a third phase of SPER is underway.