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The California Klamath-Siskiyou FLN is building a rich network of practitioners and community leaders from across the Trinity and Mid-Klamath region. Together, they are sharing their challenges, ideas, best practices and human institutional capital to increase the acceptance and use of prescribed fire and unplanned ignitions to protect and restore ecosystems and human communities. CKS FLN leaders are also helping to spearhead regional organizing, shared learning and collective action across northern California, and are key players in several statewide efforts.
In the Trinity Mountains landscape, partners are working to increase the pace and scale of community protection and ecological restoration through collaborative planning, community engagement, capacity building and cooperative prescribed burning across ownership boundaries.


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Other regional work:

Members of this FLN also have key leadership roles in the Northern California Prescribed Fire Council​.

The FLN also helped private landowners form the Humboldt County Prescribed Burn Association, the first PBA in California. (Read about a 2016 visit from Great Plains FLN partners in 2016 in the FAC Net blog post "Prescribed Fire Road Show," and a 2017 learning exchange in Nebraska in the FAC Net blog post "Science Tuesday: Seeing Cowboys as Catalysts.")