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Learning Networks Field Guide

Liz Rank
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This guide provides a brief overview of the Fire Learning Network and its related programs—the Fire Adapted Communities (FAC) Learning Network, Prescribed Fire Training Exchanges (TREX) and Scaling-up to Promote Ecosystem Resiliency (SPER) targeted implementation projects

The individual pages and sections are designed to be usable as stand-alone fact sheets. For a print-resolution version or individual sheets without page numbers, contact Liz Rank (lrank @

The most recent edition of the full Field Guide (January 2016) includes:

    • a three-page introduction to the FLN and related efforts; 
    • a map of all four efforts; 
    • fact sheets for 13 regional FLNs and large landscape collaboratives; 
    • a two-page introduction to the FAC Learning Network; 
    • fact sheets for 16 FAC Learning Network member organizations and three state-wide efforts;
    • a two-page overview of TREX and the nine events held in 2015; 
    • a one-page summary of the five SPER II projects; 
    • indexes that cross-reference FLN landscapes by partner type, expertise, threatened & endangered species, and invasive species; and
    • indexes that cross-reference FAC hubs by actions, strategies and outreach efforts.

The Fire Learning Network pages were updated in an FLN-only Field Guide in March 2017.

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