The information on this page highlights the legal documentation that may be required for TNC employees to lead the planning and implementation of TREX. However, you should ensure that you have met all requirements—and  have current versions of all documents—by checking the internal version of the TNC Fire Manual. (The documents on this page are on The Nature Conservancy's intranet. If you are not a TNC employee and need access to them, please email jeremy_bailey @


Fire Checklist        
This checklist can be used to help confirm compliance with TNC requirements for participation in fire management activities. It is NOT mandatory and is provided for the convenience of TNC fire staff. It should not be used as a substitute for review of the Fire Management Manual.  [note: contains many broken links]

Memo: Conflict and Private Benefit Issues for Prescribed Burns on Private Lands
Requirements and guidance regarding conflict of interest and private benefit issues that might be presented by conducting prescribed burns on private lands.

Memo: Guidance on TNC Participation in Fire Trainings
This is intended to provide guidance for TNC staff and programs involved in organizing, sponsoring or hosting fire-related trainings.

Memo: Conflicts Guidance for Volunteer & Paid Work by Fire Staff
Potential conflicts may arise under certain conditions with paid or volunteer work outside of an employee's job with TNC. There are situations in which TNC fire staff (TNC employees actively involved in or directly participating in fire management activities, regardless of job title) volunteer or work with government agencies, volunteer/local fire departments and even private contractors during the course or outside of their TNC employment. 

Memo: Signing Position Task Books for Contractors and Volunteers
Guidance for TNC staff regarding signing PTBs, based on stage (initiating task book, initialing specific tasks, final evaluator, certifying) and whether the trainee is a contractor or volunteer.

Prescribed Burn Contract
This form ("Exhibit A") should be attached to the Conservancy's standard Contract for Services Long Form to include provisions specific to hiring a contractor to perform a prescribed burn, and/or to draft a prescribed burn plan on behalf of the Conservancy.

Permission and Waivers to Burn on Private Land
Landowners sign documents granting permission to access property and waiving limited liability for unintended consequences of the burn.

MOUs: Agreement for Wildland Fire Management
There is a database on Box of MOUs between TNC and various federal, state and other entities, as well as multi-party agreements. See also the Fire Management MOU template.   

Disclaimer for Training Documents    
This disclaimer should be included on applications for participants of TNC-led fire trainings.  The language follows the language used in the NWCG form, but can be adapted for other forms. 

Liability Release: Fire Training Release Agreement
This should be signed by all non-TNC employees participating in any training in which TNC is a host or substantial sponsor. This form is also available in Spanish.

Liability Release: Volunteer Wildland Firefighter
For use by fire practitioners who are volunteering for TNC to serve in firefighter positions.

Liability Release: Prescribed Burn Observer
For use by non-qualified fire observers, limitation and stipulations included.