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TREX Toolkit: Participants

For more information about Training Exchanges and the information below, please contact Jeremy Bailey (  

Toolkit for Participants

1. Frequently Asked Questions​

2. Expectations of Participants (sample from Central Oregon TREX)

3. Position Task Book Expectations​

4. TREX Packing List

5. Required Forms and Waivers:

​TNC Volunteer Firefighter Liability Release Form
Fire Training Release Agreement
Permission to Use Photographs Form
Photo/Video Model Release Form

6. Basic ​Firefigher Training:

​S-130/S-190/ISO-100/IS-700A Self Study Instructions (sample from Loup TREX)
PAR-Q (physical activity readiness questionnaire)
Pack Test Information
FFT2 to RXB2 Flowchart
RXB2 Requirements

7. Participant Tools:

​​​Module Log
Performance Evaluation Form (ICS-225)
Integrating Non-Traditional Firefighters
Active Bystander Guidance (also available in Spanish)

8. Notes from the Field:

Notes from the Field are brief illustrated reports from various TREX events, and can give a sense of the range of experiences they offer.

9. More Online

​Announcements & Applications for Upcoming TREX
FLN Networker (newsletter that includes TREX listings)

Photos & Updates from TREX:

TREX Facebook
​​NorCal TREX 2014 Photos (by Larry Luckham)​