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Upcoming Prescribed Fire Training Exchanges

Jeremy Bailey (  

Alto Minho Traditional Fire Training Exchange
Alto Minho, Portugal—January 20-26
Participants of all genders, from any background, discipline and origin, are invited to apply for this TREX. The announcement is available in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Applications are due by December 6.

Central Oregon TREX
April 29-May 10
Save the date for this TREX and watch for details at

Southern Michigan TREX
Fort Custer, MI—May 6-15
Details are at; applications are due by January 30.

This list only includes events for which the application period is still open.

For reports from previous TREX events, see back issues of Notes from the Field.

Visit the TREX Facebook page or Women-in-Fire TREX Facebook page to keep up with TREX on social media.