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GUIDE: Modifying LANDFIRE Geospatial Data for Local Applications


Modifying LANDFIRE Geospatial Data for Local Applications

LANDFIRE’s suite of spatial data layers are a valuable resource for land managers because they stretch “wall-to-wall” across the US, are created with a consistent methodology and are updated over time. These data are designed to support broad-scale land management activities, and users are encouraged to critique and modify them as needed for local application.

The new guide Modifying LANDFIRE Geospatial Data for Local Applications is designed to help users do just that. The guide provides an easy to understand introduction to each of the LANDFIRE products, explains where and how to look for common problems with the data and offers guidance on how to complete common modification tasks. This guide is an excellent resource for anyone working with LANDFIRE data, but will be especially helpful to users who need to refine the data for local application.

Author contacts:
Don Helmbrecht, Wildland Fire Analyst, USDA Forest Service
Kori Blankenship, TNC-LANDFIRE fire ecologist

Citation: Helmbrecht, Donald J. and Kori Blankenship. 2016. Modifying LANDFIRE Geospatial Data for Local Applications.