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The Nature Conservancy’s Sustainable Hydropower Initiative Kick-Off Meeting


Sustainable Hydropower Nature Conservancy freshwater conservation
Responding to rising energy demand, hydropower is projected to increase dramatically in the next several decades. The social and environmental sustainability of hydropower is a critical issue for all stakeholders. For funders, developers and energy ministries, concerns about environmental and social impacts represent one of the largest challenges to deployment of new hydropower. Conservation and social NGOs and environmental agencies recognize that poorly planned hydropower will have significant impacts on rivers and the communities that depend on them. Thus, we all have a strong interest in ensuring that hydropower is as sustainable as possible.
To advance that goal, The Nature Conservancy is greatly increasing its emphasis on sustainable hydropower through collaborative engagement with the sector to find shared solutions. For the conference, we asked global hydropower leaders from governments, funders, developers, academia and NGOs to join us and engage in a constructive dialogue.

Introductory Reading

This provides an overview of the ideas and hypotheses covered during the event. Access the full Introductory Reading here.


Basin Scale Planning in Mexico - Oscar Calahorra, Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE)
Nam Theun II - Jean-Michel Devernay, World Bank
Planning at the System Scale - David Harrison, The Nature Conservancy
Hydropower Status and Trends - Joerg Hartmann, Independent Contractor
Sustainable Hydropower: Individual Dams - Jeff Opperman, The Nature Conservancy