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Fishing For Solutions: A Fisheries Management Guidebook for Non-Fisheries Managers

Jeremy Rude

​​​​​​​​​Fishing for Solutions: A Fisheries Management Guidebook for Non-Fisheries Mana​gers​

Executive summary:

 Managers of coastal ecosystems and fisheries managers have not always seen eye to eye. But in the interests of marine species, habitats and the people and communities that depend on them, managers are overlapping and merging in ways that would have seemed impossible only a few decades ago. Marine conservation practitioners realize more and more the importance of thriving sources of livelihoods and food security, while fisheries managers see the role that biodiversity plays in ecosystem dynamics that achieve economically and ecologically sustainable fisheries. This guidebook is designed to help conservationists improve the management of marine resources by presenting a broad overview of the different components that collectively make up a fisheries harvest strategy. It specifically targets a broad range of marine managers who do not have a fisheries background, wishing to integrate elements of fisheries management into their work.  It describes how fisheries management, when added to a suite of conservation tools, can assist marine conservation practitioners in achieving their objectives, illustrates how conservation practitioners can integrate these components into their marine conservation strategies, and offers suggestions on how to overcome some challenges in fisheries management. Finally, it points individuals who want more detailed information in the right direction. ​

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