Storm Surge Reduction by Mangroves


Storm surge reduction by mangroves
McIvor, A.L., Spencer, T., Möller, I. and Spalding. M. Natural Coastal Protection Series: Report 2.The Nature Conservancy and Wetlands International. (2012).

This report explores the capacity of mangroves to reduce storm surge water levels and inundation, and to reduce the impact of storm surges on coastal populations and infrastructure. The first section of this report provides some basic information about storm surges and the factors affecting surge levels and surge reduction. Section 2 explores the evidence for mangroves reducing storm surge water levels, followed by Section 3, which focuses on the attributes of mangroves that affect the level of storm surge reduction. Section 4 reviews the effect of mangroves on surface wind speeds, which affect wave generation and hence surge water levels. Section 5 reviews the literature on the ability of mangroves to reduce loss and damage caused by storm surges. Section 6 then explores how mangroves are themselves affected by storm surges and cyclones.