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Reefs at Risk Revisited


Reefs at Risk Revisited
Reefs at Risk Revisited. Burke, L., Reytar, K., Spalding, M.D., and A. Perry (2011).
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This report provides a detailed assessment of the status of and threats to the world's coral reefs. It evaluates threats to coral reefs from a wide range of human activities, and includes an assessment of climate-related threats to reefs. It also contains a global assessment of the vulnerability of nations and territories to coral reef degradation. Originally released in 1998, “Reefs at Risk” served as an important resource for policymakers to understand and address the threats of reefs. For the first time, the analysis includes threats from climate change, including warming seas and increasing ocean acidification. The report shows that local pressures—such as overfishing, coastal development and pollution— pose the most immediate and direct risks, threatening more than 60 percent of coral reefs today.