Greenprint for Deschutes County

The Greenprint for Deschutes County was led primarily by the TPL office in Bend, Oregon. It serves to highlight the areas that contribute most to the conservation goals weighted most heavily by residents and stakeholder groups.
Year Published2010
Landscape ContextInland
Housing DensitySuburban, Rural
Funding TypeBoth (Public and Private)
Habitat FocusForest, Shrubland
Organizations InvolvedThe Trust for Public Land, Deschutes Land Trust, Bend Park and Recreation District
ValuesWater Supply, Water Quality, Open Space/Habitat, Recreation, Viewshed, Working Land, Historic/Cultural Sites
Stakeholder InvolvementStakeholders were consulted throughout the process. TPL conducted in person interviews, online and telephone surveys, and consulted with a Stakeholder Committee (that included 40 local organizations) throughout the process.
Planning ProcessThe Stakeholder Committee compiled community input into eight conservation goals, and assigned weights to each of these goals based on input from the Stakeholder Committee. A Technical Advisory Team made up of local experts then produced maps for each of these goals, as well as a composite map. The Stakeholder Committee reviewed and approved a final composite map and developed draft action steps.
Desired OutcomesProtect water quality, protect and restore habitat and forestland, preserve working land, improve trails and access to recreational opportunities, protect viewsheds, protect historic and cultural resources.
What It AccomplishedIn relation to this Greenprint, $550,000 was received for protect project, $1,250,000 was secured, and $400,000 is pending for both for protection projects identified in the plan, followed by a $27M parks bond measure.