Coastal Resilience for Greater Baltimore

Several public agencies and non profit organizations have joined forces to form the Greater Baltimore Wilderness Coalition, an alliance that aims to create a coordinated vision of green infrastructure for the region. In one of their first projects, the Coalition aims to identify and prioritize future green infrastructure improvements in the region that will account for sea level rise and projected flooding. The project was funded in part by Hurricane Sandy Coastal Resilience Competitive Grants Program which aims to support resilience efforts across the Eastern seaboard.
Year Published2016
Landscape ContextCoastal
Housing DensityUrban
Funding TypePublic
Habitat FocusDeveloped
Organizations InvolvedGreater Baltimore Wilderness Coalition Leading Partners: The Conservation Fund, American Planning Association, U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Chesapeake Conservancy, Center for Chesapeake Communities.
ValuesFloodplains/Flood Prevention, Climate Resilience
Stakeholder InvolvementStakeholders were involved; A coalition of over 20 stakeholders groups from the region was convened during the process.
Desired OutcomesMap existing green infrastructure projects as well as prioritized opportunities for coastal storm resilience opportunities, identify best practices for governing and managing green infrastructure, and ultimately build a better green infrastructure network as a result.