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Healthy Trees, Healthy Cities Tree Health Initiative

​​​Welcome to the

Healthy Trees, Healthy Cities 

Tree Health Initiative

The new HTHC Field Tool and Dashboard are ready to use! Please use the links below to access them.

Link to the HTHC Field Tool:

Link to the HTHC Dashboard:

While the field tool is ready to use, our programmers want you to know that it is not complete yet.  Please report any problems you encounter while using the field tool via this Bug Report Form so we can document and address any issues. 
Bug Report Form Link:

Please take a few minutes to give us feedback on the field tool. We are still making improvements and are interested in learning how we can make data collection easier and better for the user! 

Feedback Form Link:

We have some new and exciting events coming to Healthy Trees, Healthy Cities (HTHC)!

HTHC Dashboard Training - The HTHC program developers at TNC are almost finished creating the dashboard! Please join me for an hour-long online training to learn how to use the HTHC dashboard. If you are interested, please join me on one of the following days (Zoom Links Below): September 19th or September 21st from 2PM to 3PM EDT/ 11AM to 12PM PDT. 

HTHC Field Tool Training - If you want to learn more about how to collect data using the field tool (previously known as the HTHC Mobile App), please attend an office hour on either September 12th or September 14th from 1PM to 2PM EDT/ 10AM to 11PM PDT (both days).

Upcoming Webinar: More Bugs are Coming… What this means for your trees and what can you do about it - The Nature Conservancy will host an hour-long webinar about the future of insect/pathogen and their threats to trees, featuring a presentation by guest researcher Emma J. Hudgins. Afterward, The Nature Conservancy's Asia Mae Somboonlakana, coordinator of Healthy Trees, Healthy Cities (HTHC), will share how tools like HTHC can be used by tree care professionals and civic ecologists alike to help get ahead of the next worst threat to our trees and forests.  

The webinar will be held on Wednesday, September 13th from 4PM to 5PM EDT/ 1PM to 2PM PDT.  Register here:    

Announcement!! Do not collect data on old HTHC App - The data from the old mobile app is not being stored on the server. Please contact us if you have used the old HTHC App between May 19th and present day.

To learn more about the HTHC improvements or HTHC's tools and methods, email Asia Somboonlakana for more information ( 

For more information about the improvements to HTHC, please view our updated Printable Factsheet.