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The Human Ecosystem Part II: Social Indicators in Ecosystem Management

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This article contains a discussion on the definition and goals of ecosystem management, stressing that humans are an integral part of ecosystems, and “indicators of human socioeconomic conditions are as necessary for ecosystem management as indicators of water quality, wildlife populations, and plant communities” (page 371). Also discussed is the definition and literature review (prior to 1997) of social indicators and their role in natural resource management as well as the importance and levels of scale in analysis. A case study of the Upper Columbia River Basin ecosystem management project is discussed. Thirty nine social indicators and specific measures were chosen for this study, based criteria outlined on page 376. The article concludes by reviewing both the limitations and applications of social indicators and stressing that natural resource managers will benefit from taking the time to understand the social context of the areas where they work.

Summary - Colleen Hertz. This article is not available for free online. This link is to the publisher's website where the abstract is available for free and the full article for purchase.