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Socioeconomic manual for coral reef management

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This socioeconomic step-by-step manual is intended for use by coral reef managers around the world to assist them with basic socioeconomic assessments in their communities. It describes the preparation needed to start the assessment, planning steps and guiding principles for field assessment, various collection methods, and data analysis. The appendices describe socioeconomic parameters involved in a baseline socioeconomic assessment and how to sample. The manual contains worksheetswhich cover the main elements of the assessment process. A fictional case studyruns throughout the manual to illustrate the process of conducting a socioeconomic assessment. Summaries of five real socioeconomic assessments are also presented to show how assessments are done.

Full reference: Bunce, Townsley, Pomeroy, and Pollnac; Socioeconomic manual for coral reef management, Australian Institute of Marine Science, 2000.