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Appendix. Planning for Tomorrow's Challenges: Recommendations of the Planning Evolution Team

The Nature Conservancy

Appendices to the report Planning for Tomorrow’s Challenges: Recommendations of the Planning Evolution Team

The Nature Conservancy's Planning Evolution Team (PET) was established to evaluate our existing conservation planning approach and make recommendations for its improvement. Over the last year, the PET—a geographically and programmatically diverse group
of Conservancy and external staff—interviewed over 100 Conservancy staff to evaluate our current approach; researched the latest methods and tools on strategic, business, and conservation planning; and identified many innovations inside and outside the Conservancy that could contribute to an improved conservation approach.

In this report, we outline our principal recommendations, provide a justification for the recommended changes, identify examples of projects that are implementing these recommendations, highlight methods or applications that are essential to evolving our conservation approach, and suggest improvements in project management that are fundamental to successful implementation of our collective recommendations.