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Conservation Coaches Network Rally 2010: TNC Showcase Presentation. Scaling up Open Standards: Asia Pacific Marine Program

Cros, Annick - TNC

This is a recording of one of the case study presentations featured at the 2010 CCNet Rally to demonstrate the application of the full Open Standards cycle. Annick Cros, Regional Scientist for the Nature Conservancy’s Asia Pacific Marine Program, shared how Conservation Action Planning was applied to support the most recent evolution of TNC’s complex multi-national Asia Pacific Conservation Region's Marine Program, which has grown and evolved significantly over the past 20 years.  Major changes include shifting focus from sites to an increased focus on building the enabling environment for conservation, and adopting a more holistic approach that will ensure benefits to biodiversity, ecosystem services and people. In addition to having an integrated regional marine team that shares a clarity of purpose, a means for achieving it, and a means to measure success, this new direction and approach will enable the program to take advantage of two exceptional government-led opportunities to leverage conservation at a regional scale: the Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security and the Micronesia Challenge.   Innovations include developing Strategy Effectiveness Measures in a comprehensive manner at a regional scale, and applying them for the first time for an external affairs and a communications strategy within TNC. To support program management over the next five years, the team completed the first comprehensive Miradi record for a regional program, which is available on ConPro.

Here you can learn more about specific lessons learned in the written case study.