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LANDFIRE-Based Information for the Stone-Moss Mid-Scale Planning Unit: Hiawatha National Forest

Randy Swaty
link DOWNLOAD FILE: Stone Moss report



United States Forest Service Region 9 staff and The Nature Conservancy in Wisconsin collaborated to help the region apply LANDFIRE data, with a focus on the Hiawatha National Forest. This document demonstrates how LANDFIRE data and tools are used to inform the Stone-Moss mid-scale planning effort, a western unit of the Hiawatha project whose administrators seek to identify opportunities for sound landscape management. This report provides information to support suggested management opportunities, including:

  1. Map and acreages of LANDFIRE Biophysical Settings (BpS) and Existing Vegetation Types;
  2. Ecological Departure (officially known as Fire Regime Condition Class, FRCC);
  3. Fire and other disturbance regimes by BpS; and
  4. Acres disturbed annually per BpS under natural disturbance regimes.