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​The Last Native Prairie

The Lindsay Prairie Preserve is a 376 acre natural area in Morrow County, Oregon. The preserve was acquired by the Conservancy in 1987 because it was a significant example of the Columbia River Basin's native grassland. Worldwide, Lindsay Prairie is one of only three remaining protected remnants of its kind, known as a dry, deep loess-soil, bluebunch wheatgrass – Sandberg's bluegrass  Palouse prairie.
The preserve is surrounded by fields devoted to winter dryland wheat. Historically, the area probably was used for grazing sheep and then cattle though it has not been heavily grazed for many years. Because the site is marginal for wheatland, it was likely never tilled, preserving the rare intact shrub-steppe flora for generations to come.


Lindsay Prairie Preserve is located about 25 miles south of Boardman, Oregon. You can find Google Map directions from Boardman are below. A map of Lindsay Prairie is located on the right side bar.

Please note, many roads immediately around the preserve are rural gravel roads that may be potholed, washboarded, or extremely dusty.

Google Map Directions from Boardman, Oregon

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