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​Famous Flowers

The Nature Conservancy’s Tom McCall Preserve sits on a high promontory overlooking the Columbia River Gorge. Nearly everyone in the northwest knows the iconic image of the spring wildflower display—and thousands of visitors each year take the hike through its scenic and diverse natural habitats. 

Located between Hood River and The Dalles, the preserve lays in the transition zone between the drier climate of eastern Oregon and the moist maritime climate of the west.  Because of its location, the 231 acres are home to an extraordinary diversity of plants and animals, including rare, nearly undisturbed oak savannah grassland, and one of the finest displays of wildflowers in Oregon.

In the 1980s, The Nature Conservancy acquired this spectacular natural area by working with a number of private individuals, groups, foundations and corporations. On April 3, 1982, the Conservancy dedicated the preserve to Thomas Lawson McCall, governor of Oregon from 1967 to 1975, to honor him for his commitment to conservation. Tom McCall was an outstanding member of the Conservancy's national board of governors for two years. While on the board, he showed his concern for both the Conservancy’s state and national efforts.  In 1986, The Nature Conservancy established the Tom McCall Preserve and it is one of our most popular preserves, serving as both an ambassador of our organization and an icon of our work.

You can learn more at the TNC Tom McCall Preserve main page.



You can find a map of Tom McCall Preserve on the right sidebar. Google Map directions are located below.
Please note, US Route 30 is a very winding road in both directions heading to the preserve. Use caution since there are many blind curves, narrow shoulders, and bicyclists on the roadway.

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