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Modeling on the Grand Scale: LANDFIRE Lessons Learned Vimeo VIDEO

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Modeling on the Grand Scale: Video

Between 2004 and 2009, the LANDFIRE project developed state-and-transition models for all major Ecological Systems in the United States using the Vegetation Dynamics Development Tool (VDDT). To complete this effort, LANDFIRE staff hosted modeling workshops, web conferences and individual meetings across the country, engaged more than 700 experts in developing and reviewing models, taught experts and managers how to model with VDDT, and facilitated the creation of approximately 1200 unique models quantifying pre-settlement reference conditions.

An undertaking of this type invariably has highs and lows, and provides an opportunity to learn about the model building and model review process.


This 20-minute video was presented in 2011 at the PATH User Conference. (While PATH has been succeeded by ST-Sim, the lessons learned remain relevant.) In it, Kori Blankenship, TNC-LANDFIRE fire ecologist, shares her Top Ten Take-Aways -- wisdom earned through experience.