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Webinar. Data Collection Methods: Household Surveys

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The 3rd Social Science & Conservation Training Series WebEx “Data Collection Methods: Household Surveys”

Are you seeking a way to quantitatively measure a conservation initiative’s impact on a community?

Household surveys are the premier and authoritative data collection tool for just this purpose. This recording is the 3rd in the Social Science & Conservation Training Series Webinars.  Learn what Craig Leisher, the Conservancy’s Senior Social Science Advisor, has to say about how to design a household survey, when not to do a household survey, selecting your sample size, choosing control sites and how much to budget for your project.

This 45-minute training session incorporates a 10-minute introduction to social scientific data collection methods by Supin Wongbusarakum, TNC’s senior social scientist, followed by a 20-minute presentation on the “how-to’s” of household surveys by Craig, and 15 minutes for your questions and discussion.

The original Webinar was recorded on Thursday, December 1, 2011