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Colorado Statewide Forest Assessment

TNC Science Team and Partners

Produced by the Colorado State Forest Service and Colorado State University, this is the first geospatial assessment completed by the Colorado State Forest Service. The objective of the assessment is to provide a spatial overview of Colorado’s forests and display areas in the state where resources are best focused to achieve desire future conditions. LANDFIRE products were an integral part of this assessment.

The Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) thanks Joe Duda, CSFS Forest Management Division supervisor and Skip Edel, CSFS GIS specialist, for providing leadership and oversight throughout the development of Colorado’s Statewide Forest Resource Assessment. We also offer our thanks and acknowledgement to the Colorado Chapter of The Nature Conservancy, particularly project manager Paige Lewis and GIS specialist Jan Koenig, for their work in establishing the foundation for this document.

The many partners who assisted with the project also deserve recognition and thanks, including Renee Rondeau, Lee Grunau and Michelle Fink, Colorado Natural Heritage Program; Cheri Ford, U.S. Forest Service; Deborah Martin, U.S. Geological Survey; and all the members of the Assessment Steering Team and thematic work groups (see Section VII). Additional thanks to Judy Serby, Lisa Mason, Katherine Timm, CSFS Outreach Civision, for production of this report.

This is the full report. Read the overview.