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Conservation Measures Business Plan (Power Point summary)

Groves, Craig; Hardesty, Jeff; Poiani, Karen; Ginn, Bill

To Senior Managers of The Nature Conservancy:

Implementing measures across the Conservancy involves far more than just getting the science right. Fundamentally, it’s about becoming a more result-based organization and evolving the way we manage our portfolio of strategies and projects. This current plan addresses the “measures” component of Results-Based Conservation, which is an essential part of the picture.

With the endorsement of this plan by the Conservation Leadership Team (CLT), responsibility for overseeing and implementing measures shifts from Central Science to Conservation Programs—and especially to you, the Seniors Managers at all levels of the Organization. For the next couple of years, we’ll be focusing measures investments on the strategies and projects defined by the CLT as “priorities.” While it won’t include everything you are doing, it will reach down into most if not all of TNC’s 80+ Operating Units.

To become a results-based organization will take all of us doing our parts, and in truth we are well on our way toward that goal. Many thanks go to Craig Groves and Jeff Hardesty and their team of Senior Managers for leading the development of this current roadmap of next steps. I look forward to working with you in the coming months to implement this plan.

- Bill Ginn, Chief Conservation Officer & Karen Poiani, Director of Conservation Strategies & Learning