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Onslow Bight Enhanced Conservation Action Planning

Hervey McIver

This presentation to the Onslow Bight Conservation Forum on April 29, 2010 shows how Enhanced Conservation Action Planning worked to support strategic planning and ROI recommendations for Brunswick County, Green Swamp, Columbus County, Juniper Creek tract and Old Dock region savanna SNHAs. Ecologists used LANDFIRE Biophysical Setting (BpS), the Vegetation Dynamics Development Tool (VDDT) and S-Class data to examine "uncharacteristic" vegetation types. The team ran several ROI scenarios to help determine best land management options.

Three ecological systems were focused upon:

1)“Peatlands & Pocosins” consists of the Atlantic Coastal Plain (ACP) peatland pocosin & canebrake and streamhead seepage swamp-pocosin baygall models,
2)“Savannas & Wet Longleaf Pine” consists of the Central and Southern ACP wet longleaf pine savanna and flatwoods models, and
3)“Mesic & Upland Longleaf Pine” consists of the ACP upland longleaf pine woodland and fall-line sandhills longleaf pine woodland models. 

For information pertaining to this PowerPoint/pdf presentation, contact Hervey McIver.