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Signal Peak Case Study: LANDFIRE tools help define restoration priorities in New Mexico

link DOWNLOAD FILE: Strategic Action Plan

 Restoration of fire-adapted ecosystems in Southwestern forests and grasslands is a central priority for the Forest Service. Reducing risk of hazardous fire behavior, improving functionality of fire-adapted ecosystems, threatened and endangered species habitat and municipal watersheds are key design objectives of restoration strategies. Collaborative efforts with local partners are part of the agency’s strategic action plan for restoring the functionality of fire adapted ecosystems (United States Forest Service 2003). The strategic action plan emphasizes development of joint landscape assessments that support restoration project proposals on National Forest System lands funded through the Collaborative Forest Restoration Program (CFRP).

The Signal Peak landscape assessment is designed to meet restoration goals for fire adapted ecosystems and provide the support information for the Jobs and Biodiversity Coalition CFRP grant awarded in June 2006.