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RECORDING available from the May 10, 2022 webinar:
20 Years of Partnership: Lessons Learned From the South Central Fire Learning Network
In a series of short presentations, Arkansas partners recount the history and remarkable progress and accomplishments of their work together.

RECORDING available from the May 19, 2021 webinar:
Did Your Prescribed Burn Meet Your Goals and Objectives?
McRee Anderson, Beth Buchanan, Gabe De Jong and Virginia McDaniel were the presenters on the South Central FLN webinar about developing a first-order fire effects monitoring protocol.

RECORDING available from the February 17, 2021 webinar:
Lessons Learned from 12 Years of SBR FLN Fire Response Monitoring
Monitoring studies are useful for documenting changes in forest characteristics following burning, but are typically not designed to identify the mechanisms responsible for the changes. Peter Bates, Don Hagan and Adam Coates presented results from burn units that had undergone two prescribed burns in the last decade, as well as some research results that shed some light on possible mechanisms for the changes observed.

RECORDING available from the July 27, 2020 webinar:
African American Attitudes Toward & Experiences with Controlled Burning in Alabama, Florida and Georgia
Minority landowners' considerations are often not well represented in surveys, but may play important roles in landscapes with frequent fires from an ecological perspective and from the standpoint of wildfire safety preparedness and community response. In this webinar hosted by the Southern Blue Ridge FLN, La' Portia Perkins shared the findings from her master's thesis research.

RECORDING available from the June 10, 2020 webinar: 
Certified Prescribed Burn Programs
In this webinar co-hosted by the FLN and Coalition of Prescribed Fire Councils, Meg Matonis shared highlights from the recent report “Insights and Suggestions for Certified Prescribed Burn Manager Programs.” A panel gave overviews of programs in states with established programs (FL, OH) and programs under development (CA, NM, WA), followed by discussion.  (Excerpts from the webinar chat are also available.)

RECORDING available from the February 12, 2020 webinar: 
Potential Operational Delineations: Developing PODs Collaboratively on Mixed Ownership Landscapes
Mike Caggiano and Kit O'Connor gave this presentation on their work to other members of the FLN. (See also the publications "Collaboratively Engaging Stakeholders to Develop Potential Operational Delineations" (2019) and “Potential Operational Delineations and Northern New Mexico’s 2019 Fire Season” (2020)).  

RECORDING available from the November 19, 2019 webinar: 
Rivercane: A Culturally & Ecologically Significant Plant in the Appalachians

David Cozzo introduced the cultural and ecological importance of rivercane (slides), and Adam Griffith spoke about restoration projects in western North Carolina (slides) in this Southern Blue Ridge FLN webinar.

RECORDING avaliable from the May 29, 2019 webinar: 
Hot Burns, Cold Burns, and Everything In Between: Exploring Prescribed Burning's Impacts on Forest Structure in the Appalachians
Jean Lorber (Conservation Scientist, The Nature Conservancy) gave a short presentation about new fire monitoring results, followed by case studies of individual burn units, presented by the people that burned them, that showcased a range of fire intensities and discussed why the units burned the way they did.