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Learning Network Fact Sheets

Liz Rank

One-page fact sheets are available for the PERFACT cooperative agreement and each of its four networks

PERFACT:     Promoting Ecosystem Resilience and Fire Adapted
                           Communities Together

FAC Net:        Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network

FLN:                Fire Learning Network

IPBN:              Indigenous Peoples Burning Network

TREX:             Prescribed Fire Training Exchanges

See also the two-page fact sheet from The Nature Conservancy that covers all of the networks.

Learn more about the six strategies that guide PERFACT and its networks, and how context and aspects of scaling inform their work.

Thematic fact sheets are also available, covering special topics and work that spans several networks:

Capacity              Focus on Building Prescribed Fire Capacity: A Nimble Model for Sustainable Fire
                                Careers (2023)
Cultural Fire    Focus on Cultural Burning: The Indigenous Peoples Burning Network Lights a Path (2023)
DEIJ                     Focus on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice: Making Space for Everyone in
                                Wildfire Resilience (2023)
Tools & More   Focus on Online Resources: Sharing Ideas, Connecting People (2023)

Capacity              Focus on Capacity: Building Capacity that Distributes Power and Honors
                                Local Knowledge and Leadership (2020)
DEI                        Focus on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Building Skills for Inclusive &
                                Equitable Relationships (2020)
PBAs                     Focus on Learning Networks: Prescribed Burn Associations (2020)
Post-Fire             Focus on Resilience: Framing the Post-Fire Conversation (2020)
Partnerships    Focus on Indigenous Partners: Growing Relationships with the Klamath Tribes (2020) 

California           Focus on California: PERFACT Investments Spark Widespread Progress (2019)
DEI                        Focus on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion(2019)
Reducing Risk  Focus on Action: Reducing Community and Landscape Wildfire Risk (2019)
WTREX                Focus on Women-in-Fire Prescribed Fire Training Exchanges (2019)