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Global streamflow data sets are archived and available at:

  • Global Runoff Data Centre (GRDC) [web]
  • National Center for Atmospheric Research [web]
  • University of New Hampshire [web]
  • FAO Aquastat.  Includes climate, flow, and water use data and statistics by country; georeferenced dam locations in Africa; agricultural statistics; and much more [web]
National and regional streamflow data are archived and available for:
  • Brazil -- Brazilian HidroWeb [web]
  • Canada -- Water Survey of Canada [web]
  • Niger River basin -- Niger Basin Authority [web] 
  • United States -- U.S. Geological Survey [web] 
  • Victoria, Australia -- Victoria Water Resources Data Warehouse [web]


UNESCO Water Links Worldwide is a searchable database that includes many water data websites. [web]
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