Peer-review is an important process to strengthen the assessment/vision process and products. Peer-review creates opportunities to make results more scientifically rigorous, comprehensive, appropriately presented and available to support implementation.

Recommended Products

  • Participation by ecoregional assessment/vision teams early in their process in a peer-review workshop. This review will result in a formal document ("contract") among peers stating next steps to strengthen the process and products.
  • Outreach for peer-review and participation in peer-review in all phases of work. 
  • Documentation of how peer review (through formal workshops, one-on-one interactions and other means) was accomplished.
  • Present final assessment/vision for peer-review to organizational core-support teams. This review will evaluate the assessment/vision in relation to standards, identify gaps, comment on potential successes and limitations of the assessment/vision in supporting conservation, and propose priorities and next steps to strengthen it.