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Central Appalachians FLN Annual Workshop 2017

link DOWNLOAD FILE: Notes from the Field

Central Appalachians FLN Annual Workshop 2017
November 8-9, 2017
Harrisonburg, Virginia

Workshop overview:

FLN Notes from the Field: “Central Appalachians FLN Annual Workshop & Avenza Shared Learning Event”

Slides from presentations (in pdf format):

Coates:       “Wildland Fire Ecology at Virginia Tech”

Gleim:         “The Impacts of Long-term Prescribed Fire on Tick Populations & Human Disease Risk”

Hiers:          “Precisionism: How the Search for Specificity in “Natural Disturbance” Can Work Against Conservation”

Klopf:          “Restoring Virginia Grasslands: Progress, Needs & Future Directions”

Lorber, Van Gundy and Croy: “Effects of Prescribed Fire on Forest Canopy Cover in the George Washington and Jefferson NF”

McNichols: “What is a Collaborative Project?”

Mohr:         “What’s Happened Since the 2016 Wildfires?”

Simmons and Curtin: “Fire Effects Monitoring Results”