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Climate, Risk and Resilience - Building Coastal Resilience

Coastal Resilience Climate Change The Nature Conservancy marine conservation
Working in partnership at local and global levels, the Nature Conservancy helps communities, reduce risk to coastal areas from storms and sea level rise by bringing the best science and latest knowledge to planners, managers, governments and communities so that they can make informed decisions about managing current and future climate change impacts across a variety of ecosystems. We help communities to understand their vulnerability, better prepare and respond to coastal hazards, while promoting better habitat management, protection and restoration.

Fully functioning and intact habitats can help people adapt to the expected impacts of climate change and so we promote the use of nature-based solutions as a key component of Coastal Resilience. Nature-based solutions  includes a range of actions for the management, conservation, and restoration of ecosystems such as mangroves, coastal wetlands, coral reefs, shellfish reefs, and sea grass beds in order to help reduce the vulnerability and increase the resilience of coastal human communities in the face of climate change.

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