Sagebrush Landscape: Upper Gunnison River Basin, Colorado, Social‐Ecological Climate Resilience Project


​An interdisciplinary team of social, ecological and climate scientists developed an integrated planning framework and applied it with natural resource managers and stakeholders in the Gunnison River Basin to develop adaptation strategies for sagebrush and spruce-fir landscapes under three future climate scenarios. Natural resource managers selected the targeted landscapes, developed ecological response models, participated in interviews, focus groups and workshops, developed social-ecological models, and developed adaptation strategies and actions. The managers identified three high-level strategies for the landscapes: 1) identify and protect climate refugia sites, 2) maintain or enhance the resilience of the climate refugia sites, and 3) accept, assist and allow for transformation in non-climate refugia sites. If adopted by the local community, land managers and landowners, the framework and strategies resulting from this project can help to reduce the adverse impacts of climate change, allowing for a more sustainable human and natural landscape.