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Managing for Change in the Gunnison Basin: Building Resilience


Managing for Change in the Gunnison Basin: Building Resilience

In December 2009, the Southwest Climate Change Initiative hosted a Climate Change Adaptation Workshop for Natural Resource Managers in the Upper Gunnison Basin. This workshop focused on sharing information about the known and projected impacts of climate change and developing strategies to reduce its adverse effects on the Gunnison sage-grouse, Gunnison headwaters and alpine wetlands. Participants developed preliminary adaptation strategies for these species and ecosystems to help them cope with a changing climate. The Gunnison Climate Working Group, a public-private partnership, formed in early 2010 to increase understanding and awareness of the impacts of climate change, to develop and prioritize adaptation strategies, and to coordinate action in the Upper Gunnison Basin. The workshop findings are summarized in this factsheet.

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