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In Southeast today, resource managers, scientists, and conservationists have an unprecedented opportunity for protecting the ecological integrity and unique natural qualities of this coastal rainforest - important to all Americans - while also sustaining local economies and maintaining the quality of life valued by the people who live and work in the region.  The opportunities for conserving intact landscapes (including all their functional parts) have largely disappeared throughout much of the world.  To maintain conservation options in Southeast, scientists and resource managers must evaluate and refine the regional conservation strategy through a collaborative process that uses the best available science.  This conservation assessment, resource synthesis, conservation strategy, and GIS tools are provided to enhance the conservation efforts of resource managers, scientists, and conservationists working in southeastern Alaska and the Tongass National Forest.

On behalf of the Audobon Alaska and The Nature Conservancy of Alaska, we are proud to introduce you to:

 A Conservation Assessment and Resource Synthesis for
The Coastal Forests and Mountains Ecoregion
in Southeast Alaska and the Tongass National Forest


Photo: © Ami Vitale