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Reports and Data 


Loft Mt. overlook, VA Final Report

This report brings together regional data on coastal ecosystems, seafloor habitats, and select migratory species in the South Atlantic Bight region. It provides a regional baseline and discusses connections across resource through development of an integrated portfolio of important places.

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Access to specific chapters and the associated data is provided below.

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Report Chapters and Associated Data

Click below to access individual report chapters and data descriptions, or to directly download the associated data. For more detail on what is included in the chapters, visit our Habitat and Species (hyperlink) and Important Places (hyperlink) pages.

Coastal Ecosystems:   Chapter 2 / Data Description / Download Data

Seafloor Habitat:  Chapter 3 / Data Description / Download Data

Marine Mammals and Sea Turtles:  Chapter 4 / Data Description / Download Data

Important Places (Portfolio): Chapter 5 / Download Data

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Additional Resources

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish...Few Fish?  Article from The Nature Conservancy South Carolina Chapter Newsletter (2015)